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Architectural Drawing

Presentation Drawing

Presentation drawings are used to illustrate design concepts to a client. When completing a set of presentation drawings the main focus is to ensure the drawings highlight the key areas of the design and that the client can understand the drawings presented. Any construction detail is eliminated to avoid confusion. Computer-Aided Design has added 3-dimensional capabilities to presentation drawings. Photo realistic renderings and even animations are used in presentations to illustrate design ideas. Presentation drawings are often used to win a job, so the drawings must be of high quality and clearly illustrate the design concept.

Submission Drawing

We will provide you with detailed CAD Renderings so that you can see your Custom Design come to life before we begin fabrication! As a special service to Architects we offer some of our most popular products as Objects to be used in your CAD platform projects.

Working Drawing

Working drawings are in essence very similar to building regulation drawings but adjusted so your builder can work & build directly from them. This sometimes means more detail, seperate drawings for seperate disciplines and specification of materials etc.


1B.O.Q (BILL OF Quantity).

In traditional contracting, a contract document comprising a list of the materials required for the works and their estimated quantities, produced by the quantity surveyor.

2Execution Drawing

Execution drawing is an important aspect in the finalization of a project which helps in complete understanding of the design and concept.